Grief is a container for other emotions, such as sorrow, sadness, fear, emptiness and longing. Experiencing these deep intense emotions can feel like you've been taken over by something you cannot control. Grief colours our experience of life... (click on image to read more)

A family receives messages of love shared in an open letter from the family following the sudden passing of her brother-in-law. The whole family agreed that they would like other people to know about the difference this work can make at a difficult time... (click on image to read more)

As a Human Being's, when we engage the wisdom of the heart with the creativity of the head brain we begin to experience a level of Self’ing not previously experienced. We influence the way we show up and experience our world.

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What a wonderful and testing time to be a human being, living in this made manifest reality! There is a chaotic energy all around us which is generating fear.

Is it possible to find peace in chaos?

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The relationship you have with your Self will determine the quality of the life you lead, your ability to love, your ability to learn and grow as well as the ability to let go of the things that no longer serve you, this may include people, situations, habits and thoughts.(click on image to read more)

I wrote on my Facebook page recently how we are only ever here now and everything else, future, past, self, other, is the construct of the mind.

This received much interest (which is wonderful) so I would like to take a moment to expand. (click on image to read more)

Love, in the fullest sense is not an idealistic love, it’s not commerce-identified nor is it romantic in its experience. Love exists both before and beyond conditions. It is dynamic. It is always present, it is the very essence of our being. (click on image to read more)

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