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I have a saying, ‘if there is something missing from your life and relationships, there probably is…and it’s probably you’.

The relationship you have with your Self will determine the quality of the life you lead. It will determine your ability to love, your ability to learn and grow as well as the ability to let go of the things that no longer serve you, this may include people, situations, habits and thoughts. It will also determine the quality of your relationships.

Recognise that you are much more than your thoughts, the stories you tell yourself, the stories others’ tell you about who you are and the roles you play in life. Recognise that within you there is everything you require to have, do and be all you will ever need for a happy, fulfilling, Self-created life.

So where to begin? By cultivating a daily practice of meditation, a practice of mindful stillness you are able to connect to the larger part of who you truly are – a glorious radiant bring that is infinite and Divine.

Cultivating a relationship with this glorious radiant being which is an ever present aspect of who you truly are, creates an opportunity for you to bear witness to your mind stories, and, it is in this place that you awaken to your true nature. It is in this place that you are able to accept all that you are and love yourself no matter what you have or haven’t done, no matter your wounds and life experiences, and it is through taking this path to Self that you may discover true Joy and Peace.

Meditation paves the way for our own inherent wisdom to be realised.

Meditation brings about the fourth state, which is not the knowledge of the waking state, dream state, or deep sleep. It is a definite state of awareness that can be unfolded and known through practice. Meditation allows the original Being to shine, free from worries, anxiety, fear, and past, present, and future pain.

Through meditation you can develop the power to know you are not your thinking. You are the observer of the mind. So even when stress and worry are present, you have the power to de-identify with them and identify with the fourth state. That which is pure, free, forever.

So, if you seek a deeper connection in your life, go within.

If you seek a way of being in the world that brings you Joy, Wisdom and Peace, go within.

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