Thank you, thank you, thank you! Huge comfort to know my husband is okay. Happy even. My reading with Mandi has changed my life. I feel that I can move forward peacefully.

Amy Rogers, Manchester UK

My session with Mandi was magical...I was not expecting such a profoundly powerful experience when a friend sent me off to see her for a healing. I went for one thing and came away with twenty. I feel completely humbled and blessed by what took place in that room. From the minute I met Mandi and was invited into her home I felt nurtured and supported by her gentle, yet fiercely connected and wise soul. The messages she gave me from spirit, my guides, the angels - so so many - and 100% on point. She honestly had to keep telling them to slow down!!! Everything resonated with me, my journey, my work, my relationships and my heart. She bought me to tears several times with the depth of her connection to me - a stranger. She cleared a path for me moving forward with messages of support and encouragement, guidance and specific tools from beyond. Several days later and I still find myself in complete awe... I can not wait to see her again.

Nicole Haberley, Perth WA

When I approached Mandi I found myself in a state of uncertainty, unease and doubt. I could feel that something within me was imbalanced and it was restraining me from being my true Self. I am very grateful to her for being so patient and for introducing me to knowledge which has since taken my quality of life to a level I could not have imagined and I appreciate every aspect of my life on a daily basis. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi) has become most meaningful and I thrive for it every day...Mandi supported me to see clearly and truly understand what it means to Be myself, love myself and others and trust that universal energy is always lining up to help me in my life.

Lyzana Stefanie, Brisbane QLD

Thank you for helping me to find the resources to profoundly change my thinking. I like being me now and I've begun to get to know and celebrate the person who was hiding underneath all the layers of stress in my life. I am me, and that's enough! I am so deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with you. You have helped me unchain my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Claire Orange, Perth WA

I feel truly blessed to have met Mandi and experience an amazing session with her. I felt as if I was just "high on life" afterwards and gained a new perspective on my future. Having received answers to questions that had been burning in my mind without even asking them was amazing. Mandi has a beautiful caring and loving presence which allowed me to relax and be totally at ease during my session. I highly recommend her services. I will definitely be returning again. Thank you so much

Jenny Crotty, Perth WA

I've had healing sessions with Mandi and she has offered some profound wisdom. Her coaching, healings and sacred circles are delightful. She holds an amazing space, which at time pushed me out of my comfort zone but I've always felt safe and heard in Mandi's presence. If you haven't connected with Mandi yet in a session then I would highly recommend you do. She runs deluxe meditation sessions, profound sacred circles...a wise woman with many talents.

Thank you Mandi for a very insightful session. I am feeling an excitement I haven't felt for a while. I have a clear direction on what pathway to take. Much love to you

Michelle Hickman, Perth WA

Right from the start my session with Mandi was different to anything I have experienced in the past. I have had counselling where I have felt pushed to find answers, put feelings into words and think up solutions. This was not the case during my session with Mandi. From the moment I sat down and made myself comfortable, I was aware that I didn’t have to do anything other than to be receptive. Nothing felt forced and I made connections between childhood events and the present without effort. Tuning in to how I was feeling came easily and many emotions that I had been unaware of were brought to light. There was a feeling of flow and trust, not only in Mandi but in the entire universe. I felt undeniable relaxation and love for all, even those who had hurt me. At the end of the session I chose a card from a pack and it was ‘Deep cleansing’, perfectly mirroring my feelings about what had taken place that hour. I was refreshed and ready for the next chapter in my life.

Renae Martin, Perth WA

When you are feeling trapped in your own body and mind, when you are feeling a blockage that won't relent, that no matter what you do, you are just not getting to the core/origin of the issue, that there is something far greater than what you could possibly imagine or sort through, then seeing Mandi is the answer.

Amanda Hopps, Perth WA

After the sudden death of my beautiful brother-in-law Mandi came to the family home and performed a channeling at our request, with my sister, their two adult daughters, and myself. It lasted for 1.5 hours and was absolutely amazing. It allowed everyone the chance to say goodbye that they had not had. There were many tears, and a LOT of reassurance. Many of our greatest fears and regrets were put to rest. There were many, many moments when Mandi described images that ‘he is showing me’ and just repeated words that ‘he is saying’ that were unmistakably in the phrases and personality of this unique man.

As well as beautiful, personal words of love and thanks to his family, he spoke of ‘what he can see from where he is now’ and that his passing was absolutely destined and on purpose.

My need for ‘some meaning’ was more than met and some part of me moved into acceptance. I felt a calmness that was profound and difficult to explain. My sister said she felt the same thing. This change has not gone anywhere, even as we continue to grieve, through the funeral and the wake, the nature of the loss has shifted.

Since then, his Mother, Sister and her daughters have also visited Mandi for a 1 hour channeling and shared the recording with us. Again, a profound and beautiful experience. There have continued to be tears, but together we are all in ‘better shape’.

We are just so grateful for the support that Mandi provided in both these times of need. We hope that by our sharing, more people may benefit from her incredible gift at times of death and dying. This woman has a gift to connect you with ‘the Mystery’ and she delivers it with compassion and humility - an experience that takes you beyond everyday life

Grace Minton, Perth WA

I really appreciate you allowing the extra time – thank you. The session was such as profound learning experience which has left me with a clearer sense of direction and a feeling of ease that I haven’t felt for some time. It was incredible that the first thing you advised on, being the lack of connection to the land I’m currently loving on resonated so loudly and clearly – gave me goosebumps! So interesting that you were able to pick up on my indigenous ancestry – something I have only received little information about from my family but have always had an intense curiosity about and feeling of connection to. This was such a helpful and valuable experience – thank you Mandi for sharing your gift and light.

Anne Evans, Mandurah, WA

I I can not explain the utmost pain from being with Mandi to start with because I know she was taking to my brother with some definite things he would say. This was followed by utmost relief and some healing as continued for over an hour taking about ‘our past’ together as siblings and our beautiful connection that we have, from sense of humour to values. I felt light and lifted as I left and was so happy to put some things to rest that I have been thinking in my head about his tragic and sudden passing. I am still in a little state of aftershock, if you know what I mean. I can’t wait to tell my Sister-in-Law how much better I feel and get her to also come and see you. Truly amazing gift you have. Thank you so much.

Jen Burns, Perth WA

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