Individual Sessions

Via Zoom and in person in Perth, Western Australia

90 mins - $200

45 mins - $100

In these sessions I draw upon all of my skills and gifts to meet you where you are. Integrating spirit communication, with NLP, EFT, Wholeness Work, Ancient Practices and Transformational Coaching, I have helped and supported people, all around the world resolve life problems including emotional challenges and trauma; get clarity on purpose and reconnect to their truth; experience healing; communicate to loved ones in spirit; and awaken to life and experience wellbeing, liberation from past wounds, deep inner peace and joy.

Spiritual Mentoring

When you know something is missing from your life but you're not sure what it is. Maybe you've heard or felt the calling to go deeper or level up, but your not sure how. Maybe you've awakened and are not sure how to do you or live life in an integrated, whole, awakened way. You don't have to figure it out alone.


Mindful: finding peace in difficult times

February & April 2022 - FULL

Next program July 5th

A rich, science and ancient wisdom-based integrative program designed to walk you through everything you need to fully understand mindfulness and experience the profound effects it can have on your life.

A foundational program for anyone wanting to create sustainable shifts, open to new possibilities and create the world anew.

Embodied Wisdom - Grief Movement: One Day Immersion

There is no getting around the pain of grief, which can leave us feeling broken and isolated. In my work with people experiencing grief, and in my own personal experience of loss, I know it is possible to cultivate moments of peace whilst in the experience of grief. That it is possible to find peace in difficult times. This has been the motivation for creating my one-day program, Embodied Wisdom – Grief Movement. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, this program offers restorative, healthy and helpful ways to move through grieving.

New dates to be confirmed.

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