"The aim of the Spiritual Mentoring Program is to bring clarity and sustained transformation. And, more importantly, true Self-Realization so you can create your world anew."


Consider me to be your Anam Cara, your soul friend. As I walk beside you we will face issues that are challenging you, and work directly with what is moving in your life.

Spiritual Mentoring provides a safe, supportive environment to explore the spiritual realm, receive guidance on how to move forward with intention, learn more about yourself and your current challenges. Each session provides opportunity to explore the meaning of life and answer big questions.

I work with spirit. Meaning, in our sessions I communicate with spirit, including your higher self. This enables me to access higher wisdom to support your evolution. These sessions are unique in that I combine spirit communication, energy medicine, transformational coaching and ancient practice.

Some of my clients work with me weekly or bi-monthly. Many work with me monthly or for longer periods depending on what is unfolding in their lives.

Included in this highly individualised 3 month mentoring program:

  • 8 personal, one-on-one mentoring sessions with Mandi (4 weekly & 4 bi-weekly) - in person or via Zoom
  • Email & text communication between sessions
  • At-home lessons delivered online, complete with practices and processes that help ground and activate shifts in your life
  • Held in a sacred container for the period of the mentoring program - receive weekly high transmissions of healing

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Mentoring places are limited as Mandi works with a small number of mentees at one time.


— Vicky Moriarty,

leadership & social change facilitator, artist, speaker

"Mandi, as my spiritual mentor, walked beside me as my life disintegrated. She asked essential questions in the chaos around me to help me pinpoint what was important. She blends true, ancient wisdom with easy coaching which have helped me to achieve growth during the most challenging time of my life. I don't say that lightly, having been through heart-breaking transitions before in my family, my career, and my health (including cancer and a miscarriage). This form of spiritual mentoring is a life-altering two-way process and I am forever grateful to Mandi for her remarkable ability to mentor in this way."


— Suzanne Waldron, facilitator, speaker & author

“Mandi has a gift that is beyond words. You’ll understand when you meet her. My experience over the past few months has helped me tap into information and understanding beyond myself. I leave Mandi knowing more about who I am, how to access my deepest truth and I feel exceptionally calm. Not many people touch me the way she does, she’s helped me through some of the most challenging personal transitions I’ve ever had. I’m extremely grateful to know her."


— Grace Minton,

coach, facilitator, trainer

“This woman has a gift to connect you with ‘the Mystery’ and she delivers it with compassion and humility - an experience that takes you beyond everyday life.

Weird tensions between me and others have just dissolved, and I feel like I have let something go and am making space to be present. I don’t feel as if this is an effort, or that I have had to compromise, it just feels good. I am amazed that something so gentle and simple, done remotely, without me having to re-live anything, has had such an impact. I feel as if this is a key moment in manifestation. So many opportunities have flowed and keep flowing and I feel completely confident that this is going to continue.” (bio-energy healing client)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

Three months. I recommend working together weekly for the first month. Then bi-weekly for the remaining four sessions.

What is the format of the program?

In person if you live in Perth, Western Australia, otherwise via Zoom.

How does mentoring with me work?

Sessions are emergent in nature. Meaning, whatever shows up for you as the mentee, we attend to. As your mentor I meet you exactly where you are and support you and your objectives. Each session is one hour long (I allow up to 90mins. If we’re deep in transformative experience, I won’t interrupt this for the sake of time). In between sessions I am available by email, and do engage via distant support. If sessions are bi-weekly I ask for an update in between sessions. A commitment for a minimum 8-consecutive sessions is required so you can see both the transformations and sustainable results.

What kind of techniques or tools do I use when mentoring clients?

I draw upon a vast array of tools and practices and depending on what is presenting in our sessions will determine which tool or practice is used.

I draw upon ancient wisdom and practices, transformative coaching, neuroscience, Neuro-linguistic Programming and more. Combined with experience with energy medicine, intuitive ability and mediumship. Whichever practice or process we use, it is always with awareness of the highest good for both you and me.

During our time together you are held in a sacred container, included in my daily practice of prayer and living innovation, and weekly energy medicine healings. In these healing sessions, which are done remotely and concurrent to our mentoring sessions, I am combining bio-energetic medicine and intuition to clear imbalances from your body system, and clearing the way for balance and vitality to emerge. At the beginning of our mentoring journey we will clarify areas of concern and discomfort to focus on within these healing sessions.

My commitment to you as your Spiritual Mentor.

My commitment to you is to be a compassionate spiritual companion, a witness and, when needed, facilitator on your journey. I will respect and support your independence and, even more important, your self-autonomy. There is no hierarchy; I realise the space of Oneness which is expressing itself through our individualised self. I offer a safe and sacred container for you to deepen your self-exploration and personal transformation.

I am available to you in between sessions. I have been told this is of immense value and why I choose to mentor a few people at a time. I am committed to you and your journey and ask that you also do the same.

Your commitment to you me as a Mentee.

Value your own healing by showing up and doing the practices and exercises that apply directly to the unfolding of your everyday life and support your transformation. It’s important to note, nothing is lost here in this journey. Only added to benefit your life.

How much time do I need to complete the homework exercises and practices? What will that look like?

Recommended min 15 to 30 minutes a day and is most effective when done at home. Different types of exercises include formal meditation and more informal daily practices. Depending on what presents and your objectives, during our time together will determine what practices you will be working with.

I've tried spiritual mentoring before and it didn't make a difference. How do I know that this program will be different?

Before we work together let's first establish we're a good fit. I'm here to support you and if we're going to do this let's go all in. I'm committing to your evolution and I ask that you do the same. And like most things in life, you get out what you put in.

What is the cost?

This program has evolved over many years. I draw on a lifetime's worth of experience, challenges, growth, magic, knowledge and training to bring this to you. I pour all of this and more into this program as I walk beside you, engaging with you, supporting you, celebrating your transformation.

Full cost $3000

Payment options are in full at the beginning of the program or instalments:

  • 3 monthly payments of $1000
  • 2 instalments of $1500

Scholarships & Part Scholarships Available

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