When you open to the knowledge of your magnificent self, you enter into harmony with the Divine unknown, The Creative Power, and life becomes filled

with new meaning.

In other words, you experience your authentic self – joyful, loving, curious, compassionate, filled with vitality; accessing deep connection with your innate wisdom and power that is your true nature.

If not now, when?


Pain and suffering doesn’t have to define you.

Let it refine you.

I believe that as humans we are a magnificent system of energy, body and mind. A divine expression of sheer brilliance, pure potentiality and creativity, and yet many people live in a state of perpetual disconnection from this truth ... left feeling lost, living out patterns of behaviour and experience. Feeling hopeless, powerless, anxious and maybe even afraid.

There is within you, the deepest part of you, a knowing, instantly recognisable, familiar. Always here. This is the gateway to liberation, and entry into a place of deep inner peace, and a richer understanding of life's processes and purposes.

There is no better time than right now to come home to the truth of who you are and create your world anew.

What People Are Saying

“Mandi has a gift that is beyond words. You’ll understand when you meet her. My experience over the past few months has helped me tap into information and understanding beyond myself. I leave Mandi knowing more about who I am, how to access my deepest truth and I feel exceptionally calm. Not many people touch me the way she does, she’s helped me through some of the most challenging personal transitions I’ve ever had. I’m extremely grateful to know her.”

— Suzanne Waldron, facilitator, speaker & author

"A few hours after seeing Mandi I found myself dancing in my kitchen to a favourite playlist. I never do that! The work I did with Mandi was deeply emotional but an awakening too and I'm much more confident in moving forward with what I know I need to do now. Thank you Mandi."

— Athie Chambers, artist

“Mandi is such an incredible gift in my life and I am beyond grateful for her. Every session with her I have grown, become more aware and more connected to myself. This has helped my relationships, my work, my physical body, my emotional and spiritual life, become healthier, deeper and more alive. She has helped me become unstuck, helped me with negative self talk, helped me through profound grief and uncertainty.

Mandi is the embodiment of grace and non-judgment. She is a powerful yet gentle presence and speaks from years of experience, learning, and growing herself.

Sometimes the sessions are so profound I do not even have language to describe them- the words for the work, just do not exist in our traditional language.”

— Rachel Callander: speaker, author & trainer

“I have had the opportunity to be blessed with Mandi's love, trust, guidance and wisdom on a few occasions now.

Every session different, taking me deeper to my core, holding me in a loving space and sharing with me her wisdom. Mandi doesn't just channel, she doesn't just share insights to your path and journey. She intuitively encourages you to explore your shadow and light, coaches you through the hard parts with practical assistance and continually surrounds you in the most amazing light and love.

Every session I learn something about myself, about my journey, about my purpose and the inter connectedness of us all. I can't thank her enough for her humble generosity and for sharing her gift with the world.”

— Kirsten Shearn: ceo, social justice advocate & leader

Choose your Path

It's time.

Now is the time to connect to the truth of who you are and unfold this awareness into your human experience, to create your world anew.

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