1:1 Sessions

This is your time to connect with yourself and spirit, ask questions and find greater clarity; or deep dive into transformational work with many clients reporting feeling immediate changes. Sessions are emergent in nature, and in complete allowing and responsiveness to what shows up for the client. Some clients get what they need from a one off session, or one session every 2-6 months, while others prefer a journey of 3, 6 and even 12 months. (See mentoring)

  • Discovering what's truly of value to you and creating a life that reflects this
  • Channeled messages and higher guidance from higher consciousness, guides and loved ones in spirit
  • Guiding and facilitating deep connection and communication with your inner being, authentic self, higher consciousness
  • Guiding and facilitating journeying to your inner landscape allowing for profound healing, insight and awareness
  • Trauma recovery and integration
  • Soul retrieval and integration - identifying and integrating sub-personalities and aspects
  • Identifying origin of illness - physical, mental and emotional, and clearing, purifying and harmonising the body system
  • Introduction to a powerful transformative practice
  • Revealing and transforming limiting condition thoughts and beliefs
Mandi Cloete Calendar

Schedule 1:1 with Mandi 90 mins

90 Mins
Total Amount
AU$ 200
Mandi Cloete Calendar

Schedule 1:1 with Mandi 45 mins

45 Mins
Total Amount
AU$ 100


Mindful: finding peace & more in difficult times

Next program starting July 5th, each Tuesday at 7pm for 8 Weeks

This program has evolved over many years. I draw on a lifetime's worth of experience, challenges, growth, magic, knowledge and training to bring this to you. I pour all of this and more into this program as I walk beside you, engaging with you, supporting you, celebrating your transformation. There is a final birthing of the program as I walk beside you as you put this into practice. Therefore, this program is currently at 75% off what will be the future fee $2200. Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends.

Fee $400 (75% of Full Fee)

Concession $300

Repeating MFP $250

Scholarships / Part Scholarships Available

A rich, science and ancient wisdom-based integrative program designed to walk you through everything you need to fully understand mindfulness, meditation and spirituality, and experience the profound effects it can have on your life.

A foundational program for anyone wanting to create sustainable shifts, open to new possibilities and create the world anew.

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