Energy Clearing & Purifying

We are meant to live vibrant, healthy lives, filled with love, joy and connection.

Yet emotional blockages stands in the way of each of us developing into the best and purest version of ourselves.

Until now!

Everything is energy. Our bodies are made of pure energy. Emotions are energy in motion, each vibrating a specific frequency. When we experience a negative emotion, our body takes on that vibration, and because at times the energy is powerful the usual processing sequence becomes interrupted, and the emotion becomes stuck in the body. These stuck emotions are like balls of energy disrupting the proper flow of energy in any part of the body, leading to imbalance and symptoms to arise. This is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong.

Unprocessed emotions can trap you in unwanted behaviours and mind-sets to sabotage your health and happiness. Emotionally charged events and trauma from the past can impact how you think, the choices you make and the level of success you are able to achieve.

In these energy healing sessions, I am combining skills of bioenergetic medicine and intuition, as well as my extensive practitioner toolkit to get to the root of issues without the need for lengthy discussions or accessing painful or traumatic memories.

In one session a deep-seated painful memory or trauma can be identified and released easily, the effects of which can be profound. However, it is important to be aware that deep rooted issues may require more than one session with benefits unfolding between sessions as you allow yourself time to process and heal.

We’re also able to clear imbalance and issues personal to your individual experience from your current timeline, and those carried through from previous lifetimes, or inherited from our parents, ancestors and culture. Heart walls are also able to be cleared in these sessions.

Heart walls are created by our subconscious as a form of protection from emotional, spiritual and/or physical pain. While protective mechanisms such as heart walls are absolutely necessary to help survive certain traumas in life, it comes at a price.

Book your first session:

  • Single session: $150

Create the opportunity to experience a deeper more profound release by booking a package (highly recommended):

  • Four sessions $500
  • Six sessions $750
  • Ten sessions $1100

“I had four sessions to clear energy clusters that were blocking my heart, and felt different from the first session. By the last session I was literally feeling ‘light-hearted’, finding myself singing and feeling so present to what is wonderful in the world again. I have had the most beautiful dreams about ‘surfing’ into shore. I feel like I have fallen in love again with life and the universe.” Grace - Perth WA

"Mandi is a gifted, skilled and professional healer, however even more she is deeply authentic and caring.

Susan - Perth WA

"I don't know what magic this is but I'm in ... living with extreme pain in my lower back for years, I'd given up any hope of being pain free. Six sessions with Mandi, the pain is gone. I can't believe it! I am so grateful!

Louise - Auckland NZ

"I've had niggling pain and limited movement in my ankle for months. After one session my ankle is amazing. Seriously amazing I haven’t had any restriction in it and only some tiredness because I guess it’s able to work properly."

Kate - Canberra ACT

"I'm so grateful to Mandi for helping my son and I.

I have had many sessions with Mandi over the past few years with amazing results and recently asked if she could help my son.

Throughout years 5 and 6, my son has found navigating social dynamics challenging and as a result, was resistant to going to school and felt very sad at times. We have been working with mental health professionals but the most significant shift has occurred after 4 sessions with Mandi.

He is less stressed, negative and emotionally reactive (behaviours that have been occurring since he was very young). He is happier, has more energy and is connecting with kids at school who previously would annoy or upset him.

It's such a relief to see my son feeling more positive and content.” Jo - Perth WA

"Mandi helped our fur baby with some behaviour issues. Our naughty cat would attack me and my husband, for no reason. Then she started peeing all over the house. After two sessions with Mandi our dear girl is back to her usual self which is calm, happy, cuddly. Plus she's stopped peeing inside - bonus! Thank you so much Mandi!"

Jackie & 'mishka' - Brisbane QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during our sessions?

These sessions are online via Zoom. In our 45mins together, we will begin by touching base on any issues you may wish to work on, this can be emotional, physical, behavioral. While you relax I will communicate directly with your body system as it's your system that offers up that which wants to be cleared.

Sometimes we just want something shifted without picking over the story of who, what, why. The beauty of this system is it allows for deep healing without engaging the narrative.

You are free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable. The only time I will engage your mind is if your body instructs me to as it needs more information to bring the cluster of energy into consciousness.

I've booked one session and want to continue with a package.

Your initial payment will be deducted from the package you choose.

I've scheduled my first session via the online calendar - how do I schedule my future sessions?

Just like your body systems determines what needs clearing, frequency of clearings will also be determined. At the end of each session we will know how much time your body system needs to process and when the next session can happen. We will schedule this at the end of our call.

Once you booked (below) you'll receive a booking confirmation and Zoom link.

I'd like this for my child but they're only young.

Perfect! I can work with children remotely, in fact I've had great success doing so. As the parent/guardian you can be their proxy. Because I'm working in the energetic space I can work with anyone, anywhere so children and animals don't need to be on the call. I've found the best time to work with children is when their body is sleeping.

What happens after our sessions?

Immediately after and for a couple of days following, most people report feeling a sense of calm and lightness. Some report having recollections of long forgotten memories - this can happen as our magnificent brain is processing what has been cleared. Most of this happens below conscious awareness however some of this does come into the conscious mind.

Then it's a case of enjoying the freedom and spaciousness that this healing can offer. Clients have reported immediate transformation of conditions (see testimonials).

Mandi Cloete Calendar

Energy Clearing & Purification

45 Mins
Total Amount
AU$ 120

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