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What a wonderful and testing time to be a human being, living in this made manifest reality! There is a chaotic energy all around us which is generating fear.

Emotions are strong. Flowing. Reminding me of the importance of allowing them to flow through me rather than become attached, or get caught up on the meanings of the emotions.

It has never been more critical that we anchor ourselves to a deep spiritual practice in order to weather the destructive energetic waves that are rising through mass awakening. As with all things there are polarities…yin and yang, light and dark, love and fear.

Spiritual practice is to move beyond thought – which is where ideas of good and bad, negative and positive lay. When we move beyond thought we rest into being’ness. Here we can witness the coming and going of thoughts, the absolute impermanence and flux of life.

This struggle of the average human, the inclination to want to attach to what is perceived as good or right, this whole effort is at the root of conflict, disappointment, and suffering; and this only serves to keep one entangled in the superficial level of what is perceived to be occurring in the physical.

Isira says “When you let go that which is impermanent, you come into center with it. That is the gateway to your ever constant self. You come into center with what is and you let be what is. In this space you realise that within all that appears impermanent is the constant unchanged essence, the deepest essence of yourself, the indestructible essence of yourself. Life remains. Life is here, unperturbed, unchanged.”

The path to liberation is messy. It’s snotty, sweaty, active, energetic and trying. At times we may feel as if we are going mad, we may want to depart this life because it’s just too hard. The path to liberation can seem like it demands we walk through the fire of transformation, and that fire burns hotter than anything you can imagine. But the pain of shedding and letting go is worth it. Only the ego/personality struggles with this concept. The heart knows. Our soul knows.

What we know is, if it feels good in every moment then this is more likely to be serving ego/personality than truth.

Taking the path to liberation is to Return to Love – our True Nature. This love, this deep full love will not abandon you…ever. There is no greater liberation than being at peace with existence, knowing the truth of who we are.

As we are constantly extended an invitation to enter into our heart space, beyond thought, we are sloughing off a fear based reality. This energy has to go somewhere – most of it will be transformed through the presence of love, some of it will seek to cling to its kind. Those of you who are sensitive's will be aware of this fug.

Slow down. Be attentive to your awareness that is present and observing and in doing so exercise observation. Let whatever it is for you be whatever it is for you

Be the light. Bring love anywhere you are stuck, anywhere in your life there is fear, attachment, uncertainty, no matter how small…bring it love. Be with this, observe this, welcome this and love this.

Eventually through practice you will experience a continued state of centeredness through which you experience your life. The shift is subtle and happens over time. Which is why we (my spirit team and I) urge you to make being present to Divine love your absolute priority.

One of my favourite poems captures all of this:

When you finally take

your calm and silent seat

on the throne

of your own heart

everything begins to fall into

it’s proper place




– From “Make Me Your Own”, Tosha Silver

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