Mandi Cloete · May 2016 · 1 min read

I wrote on my Facebook page recently how we are only ever here now and everything else is the construct of the mind. This received much interest (which is wonderful) so I would like to take a moment to expand.

It’s important to be able to distinguish between the mind and conscious intelligence. The mind remembers, identifies, compares, associates, doubts, fears, mistrusts (past focus). The mind also anticipates, expects, imagines, guesses, hopes, plans (future focus).

Conscious intelligence does not think. Conscious intelligence senses (looking, listening, feeling, tasting, and smelling). Conscious intelligence is aware and is only ever here NOW.

Connecting to this ever present intelligence creates a state where we can begin to bear witness to the mind clutter. This is crucial to developing a more awake and aware conscious presence and it is through taking this path to self that you may discover true joy and peace in your Self and your life.

Maintaining a state of centeredness is a moment to moment process. A dance between mind focus and expanded self, finding the balance in between where there is calm, connectedness and ever expanding awareness of self is our purpose.

So given the chaotic world we live in how does this relate to functioning as an emotional being?

As human beings and human becomings we experience emotions – energy in motion. Emotions are essentially our teacher – they are signposts, signals from our soul, or a reflection of our conscious mind. We will never be without them – at least not while we are alive. Emotions are signposts and gateways to healing. Learning to work with and be with your emotions is a powerful action for transformation. Next time you are experiencing a strong emotion or are overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, happy, sad – find a quiet space with no interruptions and sit with the emotion.

Go within, and using your mind and your imagination become aware of where the emotion sits in your body, if it has shape, colour and texture. Enquire where the feeling comes from allowing whatever comes up to come up – bearing witness with no judgement just gentle, acceptance and love.

Go within – this is where the treasure is found.

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