Mandi Cloete · July 2017 · 5 min read

I am just writing to say thank you for your support in the recent passing of my brother-in-law, speaking for myself and my sister. Because the whole family has agreed that we would like other people to know about the difference you can make at a time like this, this is an open letter that you are welcome to share.

To be honest, I cannot imagine losing a family member and not having your help in understanding and making it easier. I have often described your role in our mother’s passing as being ‘like having a village shaman’. So, I would like to also talk here about what you have done for us both in the last few weeks following this sudden and shocking death, and also a few years ago when our mother died.

Healing with our mum in palliative care

Mandi performed a healing with our Mum in the nursing home, while our Mum was in palliative care, and in a state of near unconsciousness, moaning in pain. Mandi spent about an hour with myself and Mum and ‘cleared the base chakra’ of ‘congested energy’. Because my Mum believed strongly in chakra’s, I was so relieved to bring her someone who could work with her on a different level at such a scary time for her. While Mandi was there, she explained that the energy that she was clearing could often make it harder for the spirit to leave the body, and that the passing could be more painful physically than it would otherwise be. She also described some of the spirits that were with mum in the room, waiting for her transition into afterlife. This was particularly beautiful.

A few days later, one of the nurses that I had to turn away at the door because we were doing some ‘alternative healing’ came up to me and told me that my mum had been in a lot less pain ‘mysteriously’ ever since our session. She and I exchanged self-satisfied smiles.

The next day Mandi called me on the phone and explained that my Mum’s spirit had been to visit her the night before and asked her to complete the ‘clearing’ (I thought she meant in a dream, but Mandi explained Mum’s spirit had woken her up to communicate). Anyway, Mandi asked me to get the family’s permission to perform a clearing of the heart chakra, because ‘One relationship was holding the spirit to this plane’. Mandi explained that once the connection was cleared, the passing would be swift. I rang my sister and my Dad (luckily we all share the same beliefs) and we gave Mandi permission. She didn’t even need to come into the nursing home, she worked remotely.

A few weeks later, our Mum passed away, holding hands with our Dad. We were all massively relieved to know that she passed onto a better place, and was free of the pain and suffering that she had had physically. And of course, we still grieved losing her.

Our Mum’s health had deteriorated suddenly while she was already in a nursing home. We assumed she was about to die (and we were told she was being put into palliative care). During that time the three people that cared for her most did ‘shifts’ to be with her. After a few weeks, my sister and I got to speak to her Dr and he warned us that we may want to rethink this commitment, because she ‘could be in this state for years’.

I still believe that the work Mandi did with our Mum helped to speed up the process of her passing and make it possible for us to be with her every day for the last weeks, and for her to be with someone who loved her in her last moments. I will always be grateful for that.

Channeling after the sudden death of my brother-in-law

Two weeks ago, my beautiful brother-in-law died suddenly, we think from a massive heart attack. It was his first and he had had no diagnosis of heart condition, so we have all experienced this as a massive shock.

Because Mandi is a personal friend, I phoned her that night as my own shoulder to cry on. In between the normal grief conversation I asked her if she was ‘picking up anything’ about him and she said only massive shock. In the days that followed she smsed with my sister more information, that she was now able to connect with him and that he was surrounded by support and connected to love beyond human emotions.

Five days after the event, Mandi came to the family home and performed a channeling at our request, with my sister, their two adult daughters, and myself. It lasted for 1.5 hours and was absolutely amazing. It allowed everyone the chance to say goodbye that they had not had. There were many tears, and a LOT of reassurance. Many of our greatest fears and regrets were put to rest. There were many, many moments when Mandi described images that ‘he is showing me’ and just repeated words that ‘he is saying’ that were unmistakably in the phrases and personality of this unique man.

As well as beautiful, personal words of love and thanks to his family, he spoke of ‘what he can see from where he is now’ and that his passing was absolutely destined and on purpose. In the two nights before this event, the family had been able to talk about memories and able to laugh for the first time, it was as if we were over the worst of the shock and loss.

After this event, a weight lifted off my shoulders, and I felt a connection to something bigger. My need for ‘some meaning’ was more than met and some part of me moved into acceptance. I felt a calmness that was profound and difficult to explain. My sister said she felt the same thing. This change has not gone anywhere, even as we continue to grieve, through the funeral and the wake, the nature of the loss has shifted.

Since then, his Mother, Sister and her daughters have also visited Mandi for a 1 hour channeling and shared the recording with us. Again, a profound and beautiful experience. There have continued to be tears, but together we are all in ‘better shape’.

We are just so grateful for the support that Mandi provided in both these times of need. We hope that by our sharing, more people may benefit from her incredible gift at times of death and dying. This woman has a gift to connect you with ‘the Mystery’ and she delivers it with compassion and humility – an experience that takes you beyond everyday life.


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