Embodied Wisdom - Grief Movement

Currently this program is only held in person, in Perth, Western Australia

No one is immune from the experience of grief, and while our life stories may be varied what we all have in common is the inevitability of death. Even though grief is a common and often shared experience, it is also a deeply personal and unique process. Unpredictable in nature, grief pendulates from overwhelming focus on the loss, to focused attention of self-care and healing.

There is no getting around the pain of grief, which can leave us feeling broken and isolated. In my work with people experiencing grief, and in my own personal experience of loss, I know it is possible to cultivate moments of peace whilst in the experience of grief. That it is possible to find peace in difficult times.

This has been the motivation for creating my one-day program, Embodied Wisdom – Grief Movement. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, this program offers restorative, healthy and helpful ways to move through grieving.

In this one day immersion, we embrace a mind/body/spirit approach to compassionately allow sadness and anger to move through. You will be guided through gentle exercises and techniques to help release struggle, to allow space for new insights, harmony, appreciation, love, and forgiveness.

Held in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space, we move through the ‘Compassionate Cycle of Transformation’ and its five-steps of Awareness, Expression, Connection, Surrender and Evolution.

  • Awareness is about getting present and finding safety in the body, identifying where the struggle is in the mind and body, and finding ways to gently warm up and move the body.
  • Expression is where we will be using movement, breath, and sound to help channel and move the pain through to express the hurt to make space for more love.
  • Connection embraces flowing meditations to help embody more grace, gratitude and love.
  • Surrender uses postures, breath, and sound to explore how to surrender the pain and embrace the love to find a path of peace.
  • Evolution is an exploration of some powerful techniques to tap back into strength, courage and resilience, ways to continue to grow and evolve moving forward.

If you feel drawn to attending but are still not sure, here are the principles of the program, the foundation that weaves through the program:

  • Respecting and honouring of the individuals experience with grief. There is no pressure to ‘get over’ or ‘move on’ from your loss and we do not attempt to ‘fix’ anything.
  • Understanding that everyone is on their own journey at their own pace. Grief doesn’t have a timeline, it’s unpredictable and unforgiving, and a deeply personal journey.
  • There is no requirement or obligation to share your experience of grief. Only if you feel comfortable in doing so.
  • Respectful deep listening and honouring of each person’s experience if they feel comfortable to share.
  • Recognising that each person’s experience is their own and doesn’t automatically invite comment, comparison or judgement.
  • Autonomy of self and self-determination is encouraged and supported. The program encourages you to come into your body sense and honour what you find there.
  • Coming into direct experience with your inner most being, with knowing that you are more than your grief.
  • I invite you to embrace a mind/body/spirit approach to peace and wellbeing, as you are guided through gentle exercises and techniques to help release struggle, to allow space for new insights, harmony, appreciation, love, and forgiveness.

This transformative movement practice is all done from a chair and isn’t so much about physical flexibility as it is emotional liberation.

Once registered you will be sent information on how to prepare for the course.

When: new dates to be confirmed for 2022

Where: The Heart Place – Yoga and Healing Space, 19 Blinco Street, Fremantle

Here's what participants of our recent Embodied Wisdom - Grief Movement Program expressed:

...I've experienced expression in a safe place feeling fully supported by Mandi and others on the program...

...I've experienced more connection to myself and awareness of how to feel okay with not being okay; embracing pain/grief and moving it, releasing it so I am left with pure love...

...if you're thinking of doing the program, do it. Embrace it and surrender to the processes. Your heart, mind and soul will be grateful you did...

...I came because I want to develop to develop a better understanding of my grief and learn how to express it in alternative ways so that I can thrive in life...

...what I've experienced is a deeper connection to myself and my grief and the skills to allow it to express and heal. I am already feeling the benefits after only 2 weeks...

...come with an open heart and mind to allow yourself to be guided by Mandi in a beautiful space where you experience profound shifts in yourself and your body...

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